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Enterprise Conduct®™

a modular, inclusive, framework, process and more for 21st century enterprise

designed to assist:



* Enterprise Leaders and all those with any responsibility for the success of an enterprise to:


decisions, action and achievement for


current and future

performance success of their enterprise.


* Enterprise IT Suppliers and Suppliers in general to: identify, develop, produce, target, market, sell,

deliver and support leading Products and Services to:

enable the conduct of enterprise.


* Enterprise Thinkers, Researchers, Educators, Trainers, Advisors, Publishers -

and all those, including governments, working to:

enhance the conduct of enterprise


* Enterprise Investors, Analysts… and many others



Informed comments on Enterprise Conduct®™ at various stages in its

progressive development and use since the mid 1980s include:

 "Its scope from vision to detail, consistency, focus, ……innovation, ……and clarity all make it a winner"

"…this is the blueprint and much more - for the mind, nervous system and sinews of an enterprise"

"It's really what is needed to bridge …… between business and information technology"


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Enterprise Conduct®™ - a modular, inclusive, framework, process and more to conduct 21st century enterprise